AC4XO Past Projects

From the 1960's through the 1990's, I produced a number of hardware projects that are now only hazily remembered. Here's a description of a few of them.

There were other projects including a one-tube ham radio transmitter and a CT7001-based clock. I designed, but never built, a simple computer using the knowledge I obtained from reading "Did You Ever Want Your Own Computer?" by Jim Huffman in the November 1972 issue of 73 Magazine.

When I was very young, I read "Build a Computer" in the January 1960 issue of Electronics Illustrated. The "computer" in this article was a counter constructed from flip-flops with a telephone dial for input and incandescent indicators for output. But for 1960, this was a great article. It introduced me to binary arithmetic and flip-flops. I never built the computer; however, I did experiment with building a flip-flop. The transistors in the flip-flops were 2N554 power transistors in TO-3 cases, so each flip-flip was fairly large.