Benjy's K2 with the KPA100 Option

I added the KPA 100 option to my K2. This option converts the 0-15 watt K2 into a 0-100 watt rig. The KPA 100 replaces the K2's top. The rig can be switched back to the original version by removing the PA and reinstalling the orginal top.

When connected to a 20 amp power supply, the K2's power control can be set between .1 and 100 watts. Below 11 watts, the KPA 100 PA is in standby mode and the K2's internal PA supplies the power. At 11 watts and above, the KPA 100 switches in to provide up to 100 watts.

Here are some photos of my K2. Click the thumbnails to see bigger versions of the pictures.

I enjoyed this kit. As with all the Elecraft kits, it is very well done. I did take more than expected time to build the rig because of the problems I had tinning the toriod leads. But, what a thrill! The kit worked the first time I tried it.

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