Benjy and Sue Ellen's Cats


Simon is a black shorthair who was born in 1981. We got him from the Vet School shortly after we moved to the country. Simon is a first-rate farm cat who likes to hunt during the warm months and sleep by the woodstove during the cold months. He is the only cat onto which I have bestowed sonship.


Willie is a yellow longhair. He was purchased as a laboratory cat by the Vet School and was to be used in an experiment in which eletrodes were to be placed in his head. After he was anesthetized and the top of his head was shaved, he was found unsuitable for the experiment (something about his ear canals not lining up). He found a good home with us in the country. It seems he'd never been outside before when we got him, so his transition to farm cat was a slow one. We got Willie in 1984 when he was about 2 years old.

Willie Pix

Mr. Willie died on 7/12/95........


Miss Oreo is a black and white shorthair (tuxedo cat). We got her from the vet's where she was doing time as a blood donor. She's a real scaredy cat, but has slowly adjusted to life on the farm.
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