Gabrielle Chord Sketch - re:jazz

Gabrielle is a song written by Roy Davis, Jr. and Peven Everett. This chord sketch by Benjy Cline is for the re:jazz version (re:jazz featuring Alice Russell). It matches this YouTube video.

There are some nuances in the chord sequence I had trouble picking out, so I used the RipX1 software to decode the guitar part in the verse. The song is in Fm, and the guitarist uses a capo on fret one.


Cm7add+5   Bbadd9   Ab6  Ebadd9/G

Chorus Fm Eb/G Abadd9

The arpeggios for the verse in Fm are

The guitar arpeggios for the verse are important to recreate the sound on the recording. The fret positions for the verse arpeggios, given in Em, are given below. To match the Fm recording, use a capo on fret one. Playing the notes in the diagrams from low to high produces the arpeggios given above.

Bm7add+5 Aadd9
G6 Dadd9/F#

At first, I thought of the Cm7add+5 as a rootless Fm9/C, but the Cm7add+5 suits the progression better.

1RipX is a stem separation tool. The software isn't perfect, but current packages are better than a decade ago. One note: The install terms and conditions talks about retrieving personal data from the host PC. So I suggest running the software in a virtual machine.

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