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Tuxcat is the home of Benjy and Sue Ellen Cline, and this page is Benjy's personal page.

Latest additions:

Mané (Toco) Chords

Attack Delay Unit

The Alarming Clock

Chords to the re:jazz version of People Hold On


VS1053b Real-Time MIDI Mode

The BenjyMometer DIY Wireless Thermometer System

Chords to Cassandra Wilson's Red Guitar

Tree Fungus Pictures

Loose Parts is a funny comic strip that reminds me a bit of The Far side.

Adding an Effects Loop to the Fender Sidekick 15 Guitar Amp

Benjy's Accurate Clock

Using the SYM-RFT-60 WWVB Receiver

Chords to (You Dyed Your Hair) Chartreuse

Chords to Eric Darius' Steppin' Up

Chords to Paul Taylor's Nightlife

I worked on a project to data mine comic strips on the web. During the course of building a list of sites to be mined, I encountered a couple of strips that were worth reading on a regular basis:

A review of the movie Primer

Random Thoughts: Attempts at humor, wit, and charm.

Benjy's Wok Whoka Bike Horn

Nixie tube clock updated with Elecraft K2 mode

Guide to constructing a servlet/JSP site that runs from a CD-ROM or memory stick

Benjy's Brain Link

Sirius Satellite Radio and the AudioVox SIRPNP2. Updated 2/2008.

Featured site

Curious Inventor Curious Inventor has a great how-to video on how to hand solder SMD devices. I ordered some flux from them, and they shipped quickly.

Previous featured sites

Guitar Hero John performs the Jamiroquai song Talullah and then shows us the chords for the song. He notes that working out chords can be frustrating, and I couldn't agree more. So, thanks to John for all the help and the nice performance. Note: The chord he lists as an Esus4 is an A7.

Robot Portraits  Have the artist create a robot drawing of you based on a photo. Many of the portraits are accompanied by a video showing the artist creating the portrait.

Build your own 3D Dragon illusion. Be sure to watch the video (right side of page). The dragon is mega-cool! Note: I can no longer find the original link at grand-illusions.com; however, I linked to the web.archive.org version. (New Update: Here is a page with the download file for the dragon, and here's a video of the dragon in action.)

The Smooth Jazz stream on SKY.fm is my site of the moment/month/year. This stream plays instrumentals with no R&B or rock.

Paul Bourke has a nice collection of geometry algorithms, puzzles, etc.